The Great Divide Trail is a multi-use adventure trail meandering along 6,000km of  Australia's Great Dividing Range from the Grampians in Western Victoria to the tip of Cape York in Far North Queensland.

Along the Great Divide Trail you can experience bushwalking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, cross country skiing, canyoning and other adventure activities as well as participate in the culture of communities you will meet along the way.

More than that, the Great Divide Trail is a songline along which you will carry the message of conservation and caring for the land on which you will travel and the people you will meet.


The Great Divide Trail is free to use, free to join and free to collaborate with. All we ask is for you to contribute, volunteer or  participate in activities you will encounter along the way. 


In the Yarra Ranges you will meet Friends of Leadbeaters Possum, a group preventing extinction of their State's fauna symbol under threat of logging of their mountain ash tree homes.

In New South Wales you can assist or contribute to the welfare of the 50 families who lost their homes in the recent Rappville bushfires, or get paid to collect introduced cane toads on the toad frontline at Yamba.

In Queensland you can absorb the culture of the Indigenous Yulngu - great fighters who are defending their homelands against exploitation.

By carrying the song along the Great Divide Trail you will be uniting these communities to face the existential threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and cultural degradation and help them to prosper in the brave new world we are all facing.

This is an experience you will never forget.