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  • Polished aluminium, mounted.
    50 X 75cm $499.00
    40 X 60cm $399.00

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    50 X 75cm $499.00
    40 X 60cm $399.00

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Eastern quolls had been one of my favourite animals because the last time they were seen was in the early 1960s in Victoria at Studley Park near my childhood home. Since then they were widely believed to be extinct on the mainland.


There were a number of attempts to re-wild them after breeding from Tasmanian stock and I was looking forward to photographing some on my first trip there where they were supposed to be common.


After initially searching in vain, I woke up in my van one night at Lake Pedder to sight this pair - one red, one black -  which I attracted closer with some tinned tuna rubbed on a log.


Shot with my Lumix and Metz flash at 400mm. This photo will look good on 50cm x 75cm polished aluminium. $399.00 with free delivery.


This brush-tailed possum ignored me while in his very own reality show at Wollomombi Falls, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. All the wildlife there at Green Gully Campground is remarkably tame. 

Another Lumix shot, this would be a good image to produce on fine art paper of various styles at 40cm x 60cm for $149.00 delivered.

Spotted-tail Quoll killing a hare.jpg

Speaking of quolls, this outstanding image of the more common, and much larger, spotted-tail quoll killing a hare at Point Lookout, New England National Park, will make an impact at 100cm x 150cm on metal paper with crystal acrylic mount for $1995.00 delivered, 

The night before he woke me up in my van after I left the side door open, so I set my Canon 5D with 400mm zoom on 200 and used multiple flash heads.

Blue Malagasy2.jpg

There was so much to photograph in Madagascar when I was there to write up a new national park opening for WWF that the temptation was to take my eyes away from the viewfinder and just enjoy myself.


Still, I couldn't resist a waist-level street shot of these two fellows in Antananarivo (say that quickly!). I used a Nikon F1 with a standard 50mm lens.


I call it 'Blue Malagasy' and like many landscape photos of form and colour rather than detail, will look great on stretched canvas at 120cm x 80cm for $1499.00 delivered. 

This is one of my most popular images, featured in an exhibition of 100 or so of my photos toured by the National Trust in 2012.


The slab pioneer home was next door to David Bishop's original 'Gunnasgunya' at Gundaroo where I lived while we were both studying Writing at Canberra College of Advanced Education and were both Editors of the student newspaper 'Ccaesarian'.


Stretched canvas at $499.00 for a 50cm x 75cm suits the heritage genre. Call it 'Dog on the Verandah'.


My all-time favourite photo. I chased this coucal pheasant around my home at Woolgoolga headland for 10 years, but they're very adept at skulking through the undergrowth and suspicious of humans.

Finally one day he revealed himself nearby right on the top-most foliage of a Banksia in the early morning sun. I quickly snapped off this shot with my Canon 5D and zoom lens on 400mm. It's turned out near-perfect.

Great reproduction is achieved on Metallic Pearl Gloss art paper at 40cm x 60cm for $149.00 delivered.

Pheasant Coucal corrected and

Leadbeaters possum had been little photographed when I took this shot at Healesville Sanctuary where they had a small breeding colony going. It's not my best shot, but I had to do something with it. You can read the remarkable full story on the Stories page, in 'The Possum with Political Power',